Dunkin' Donuts to Offer Cage-Free Eggs: Five More Chains Make the Pledge

Dunkin' Donuts recently pledged to start using cage-free eggs and eliminate gestation crates for its products.

While the chain will move slowly to transition out the crates and cages, it will cut back by 5 percent by the end of next year.

A final goal is yet to be determined.

In the meantime, here are five other chains that have also taken the pledge to source domestically, and a little more humanely.

In the wake of the chain's massive pink slime fiasco, McDonald's announced in May that they would only buy pork from farmers and sources who don't use gestation crates. Their goal to sever ties with all pork products sourced from gestation crates is to be met by 2022.

In March, Wendy's announced that it will require North American pork suppliers to outline their plans to eliminate gestation crates. Wendy's also recently launched a new commercial where they briefly mention the pledge.

Last month, Subway announced that it would eliminate gestation crates from pork suppliers. The "animal welfare" section of the sandwich chain's site says, "We will continue to work with suppliers who share our commitment to phasing out gestation stalls as quickly as possible, putting traceability systems in place and using the best animal welfare and handling practices." Their goal is 2022.

Burger King
In April, Burger King announced that they would be selling entirely cage-free eggs by 2017. They also pledged to eliminate the use of pork product from suppliers who still use gestation crates.

As one of America's largest diner chains, Denny's pledged in May that it would work with its pork suppliers to phase out sow gestation crates for bacon, sausage, and other pork products.

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