Drink Like a Louisianan Gentleman at News Lounge

Unless you're an agoraphobic paraplegic sports hater without a TV, radio, internet access, a newspaper subscription, windows, or ears, it's blatantly obvious in every way that Super Bowl week is only days away. And since the Saints have finally made their first Big Show after four decades of either second- or last-place finishes, we here at New Times feel it's time to drink like a Louisianan gentleman. So behold your boozing play card for February 1 through 7 ... Mint julep, mint julep, mint julep.

Now, we'll admit that this particular alcohol attack lacks variety or surprise. But the mint julep (bourbon, mint, bourbon, sugar, bourbon, and water) is among the tastiest and most potent cocktails to ever emerge from the South. Plus, you'll look way classier sipping a julep out on South Beach than a Budweiser Select. So head to News Cafe, order up a round, and snag some gentlemanly literature of a Louisianan kind, say Getting Crunk with Creole Jug Bands Quarterly. The drink will cost you $10, but this is SoBe and this is the Super Bowl. Not to mention, the News Cafe's blond bartender pours heavier than the Duke of Orleans. The booze-to-buck ratio is solid.

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