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Dolphins Fans Disappointed With Season, Satisfied With Prime Seating Package

The Miami Dolphins ended another disappointing season Sunday, once again missing the playoffs.Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill did his best in his first season, though nothing near playoff-bound fellow rookies Washington's Robert Griffin III, Indianapolis' Andrew Luck and Seattle's Russell Wilson. First-year coach Joe Philbin didn't do much to improve an NFL-worst attendance of 76.3 percent of capacity. The offense, defense, and special teams all need improvement.

The food selections, however, are solid.

In the past, we took a look at food in the suites, club level and even tailgating. In our final visit to the stadium this season, Dolphins Prime seating buffets were in the spotlight. Prime seating tickets are outside in the bowl on the 200 level between the 30 yard lines on the south side and between the 40s on the north end. Tickets start at $500 and are available for single games and season tickets packages. This year the Dolphins began offering a extensive buffet two hours before the game and during halftime. In addition to the buffets, fans are treated to free beer and wine, a carving station, pasta station and even free massages. "It's our way of showing love and our appreciation to the fans," said VP of ticket sales and retention George Torres, who spent many years with the Miami Herald before joining the Dolphins seven seasons ago.

On the menu at Dolphins Prime you have artisan cheese and sausage, hummus and pita, an extensive salad bar, Everglades BBQ pulled pork, chicken tenders, jalapeno poppers, chicken fajitas, chicken florentine and lemon asparagus with baby carrots. At halftime, they bring out sushi and desert selections like fresh fruit, cupcakes, a winter candy station and interesting cake pops.

Fans seemed to have really enjoyed the prime rib at the carving station and perfectly-cooked pasta, prepared primavera style right before your eyes. "Its our first time at Dolphins Prime, and we definitely think it was worth the ticket price with all the extras you get," said Dolphins fan Gilbert Morales of Fort Lauderdale. "The prime rib was our favorite, though we definitely enjoyed the free massages before the game."

Center Plate national food and beverage provider caters the prime buffet and operates the Everglades BBQ company, whose pulled pork may have been the best food served in six locations stadium-wide. The pork is covered in a dry rub and marinated for four hours, then put in a smoker for seven hours. The meat is then wrapped in foil and smoked another 14 hours at a scintillating 240 degrees. The resulting pork falls right off the bone and melts in your mouth as the sweet and spicy sauce tantalizes your taste buds.

Though the food is to die for, Dolphins fans want nothing more than a competitive team to root for. With a talented young quarterback, 10 picks in the draft, $50 million in cap space and spurts of greatness throughout the season - the future looks promising. Lets hope the quality of the product on the field will soon match the quality of the food served to loyal fans throughout the stadium.

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