Dogma Features New Sandwiches (Photos)

​Dogma, the Biscayne Boulevard hot doggery that was recently purchased by partners Mark Soyka and Frank Crupi, has expanded its food options to include a full line of old-school sandwiches, and Short Order was invited to try some.

Philly cheesesteaks ($7.95) served with grilled onions and hot cherry peppers, oyster po' boys ($9.75), and sausage and peppers(($6.50) were presented on authentic fresh-baked Italian rolls, using the freshest ingredients like 8 oz. rib-eye steak for the cheesesteak and Taylor Ham for the pork roll ($3.95).

If these sandwiches sound or taste familiar, you can thank Frank Crupi, who took his signature sandwiches from Frankie's Big City Grill to Dogma.

Other additions to Dogma's menu will also spark nostalgia. like the New England lobster roll $7.75), the deep fried crab cake ($3.95), and the Chicago Italian beef hoagie with fried peppers ($8 with peppers).

Dogma couldn't exist without hot dogs, and the choices have been updated to have more of a old style feel. Gone are dogs with avocado, feta, and lettuce to be replaced by classic chili dogs ($4.15), Coney Island dogs with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut ((3.75), and Beantown dogs topped with baked beans ($3.75), to name a few.

Yoo-Hoo ($2), ice cream sandwiches ($1.00), and Cracker Jacks ($1) complete the trip down memory lane, which is a very good thing, indeed. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

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