Sam Calagione with some Choc Lobster.
Sam Calagione with some Choc Lobster.
Courtesy of Dogfish Ale

Dogfish Head's Choc Lobster Debuts at World of Beer

Normally, getting Dogfish Head's one-of-a-kind Choc Lobster would require a few days off, a plane ticket to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and a visit to a specialty brewpub.

But now the rare brew, which has been available only in house at Dogfish Head, will make its debut in selected World of Beer taverns across the nation — including all Miami locations. The special release was just in time for this weekend's festivities for International Beer Day. 

"World of Beer is committed to offering unique beer experiences to everyone that walks through our doors," says Alyssa Ahern from World of Beer. "Being able to debut Choc Lobster is huge not just for our customers, but for WOB as well."

Dogfish Head first brewed Choc Lobster in 2012 during a program at the pub to make weird one-off batches for beer dinners. Choc Lobster was brewed to pair with a chocolate lobster bisque and white chocolate lobster salad slider. Owner and founder of Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione, was there that night and got a real kick out of the beer, so he decided to brew enough for the whole pub to try.

But after having a ridiculous amount of oyster stout left over from a previous brew, Calagione became intrigued with other crustacean options. He had friends at Five Island Lobster Company in Maine and decided to bring his brew idea to life.

The beer is made with live lobster, six pounds of dark cocoa powder, and a basil tea that was added to complement both the chocolate and the crustacean. The result is a rich, dark ale with hints of bittersweet chocolate, herbal aromas, and a little taste of the ocean. It's definitely weird but also oddly delicious. 

"I think some people were a little turned off by the fact that it's brewed with lobster, but we've encouraged people to try it, and it's really become a hit," says WOB Dadeland general manager Monica Croushore.

Choc Lobster is a 5.6 percent ABV porter brewed every summer — hard to find in bottles and even harder to find on draft. But now WOB taverns will receive a limited quantity of the brew for August, so first come, first served.

The WOB tavern in midtown Miami went through about half a keg this past weekend. "We had people waiting at the bar till 7 p.m. when we tapped it," says WOB midtown general manager Cruz Torres. "It's been a really big hit, but once it's gone, it's gone."

A majority of participating taverns like the one in midtown tapped their kegs this past weekend, but check worldofbeer.com for availability at your local WOB.

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