Dogfish Head Beer Dinner at Pacific Time and Interview with Indie Guru Claus Hagelman

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People have been getting drunk for centuries, hell, thousands of years.

American craft brewers Dogfish Head are putting on an Ancient Ales beer dinner at Pacific Time on December 17, and get this, the beers are modern formulations of ancient recipes whose ingredients are determined by Dr. Patrick McGovern of the University of Pennsylvania's Molecular Archeology Department.

New technology allows researchers to find out not only what liquids were stored in excavated clay pots, but what ingredients were used to make them.

Dogfish Head works with researchers to recreate those ancient ales for your drinking and historical enjoyment.

Here's what's on the menu and some words from Dogfish Head Indie Guru Claus Hagelman.

"Well, what it is is a series of beer dinners across the country to showcase Ancient Ales, historical reproductions of beers .

"We have the Midas Touch, a 2,700 year old recipe believed to be found in King Midas' tomb in Northern Turkey.

"Theobroma is based on what the Aztecs and Incas used to drink.

"Chateau Jiahu, that's a 10,000 year old recipe from Central China.

"We've got recipes from Finland, Ancient Egypt, it's a great little history lesson and great beer at the same time.

"We're huge fans of the excitement that has been happening in Florida. Florida has become one of our top markets and one of the fastest growing markets for craft beer, and so we wanna bring more of our off-center things to the state. I made sure when I booked the tour that there were a couple of them for Florida.

"Pacific Time has always had a great reputation and been a big supporter of our products, has always been, since they opened up, a great supporter of craft beer.

"The relationship between wine geeks and foodies, we're seeing that happen in high end American craft beer where great restaurauteurs are pairing up with great breweries and beer geeks and foodies are getting together.

"That's a change that's long overdue in the restaurant business. Where there might be a 10 page wine listing in the menu at a restaurant that only offers Bud, Coors, Heineken, and Corona, over the next 5 or 10 years we think you'll see a total change from that.

"The way people get turned on to great beer, it's not something you can just place an ad for. It's like evangelists, they just go around converting. If you're at the bar or liquor store, they come over and help you figure out whats what. Before you know it you start showing up at parties with 4 or 5 different kinds of beer. In a culture that's anti-advertising it's kind of a hand sale. Off center ales for off centered people."

Here's the menu for the December 17, Dogfish Head Ancient Ales beer dinner at Pacific Time in the Design District.

First course: Pangaea with salt crusted Calamari with lemon sweet chili

Second course: Midas Touch with coriander seared Grouper with curried bananas

Third course: Sahtea with Duck with confit mu shu and pomegranate

Fourth course: Theobroma with indochine Beef with shiitake sauce

Fifth course: Chateau Jiahu with sautern jello with drunken grapes

Tickets are limited and are $75 in advance and $85 at the door.

Pacific Time
35 N.E. 40th St.
Miami, FL

To book reservations either go on their site or call 305-722-7369. Each customer will receive a special Dogfish Head glass and storybook with their dinner

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.