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DJ Khaled Nearly Convinces us that We Want a McCafe Hot Chocolate

Miami transplant, part-time rapper/producer and full-time nonsensical screamer DJ Khaled is the master of extolling the virtues of shit most people find worthless and/or despicable. Such as his own musical prowess: who but DJ Khaled could scream, with great frequency and without irony, that DJ Khaled is "THE BEST"?

So it's only right that Khaled is now endorsing McDonald's products on his 99 Jamz radio show -- and it's a nice bonus that he's pumping the spots full of inexplicable homo-erotic imagery. Below, behold him describing his great man-thirst for the McCafe hot chocolate. It's just a taste: In another spot, Khaled admits to harboring a six-sausage-a-day biscuit addiction.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts