Diplo's Diet: Whole Milk, Bombay Sapphire and Wheat Bread

The world's largest paint party, Life in Color, formerly known as Dayglow, hit the Magic City this past Friday, December 28, in what was the end to their E.N.D tour. Big names in the EDM industry took the stage, but we're all about the food. Well, turns out party people do eat. Sometimes.

We got a peek of headliner Diplo's grocery list for the event. From the looks of it the DJ is a hungry fellow, and quite the peculiar eater, but yet didn't stop by to grab anything before he got on stage to close the show.

His table featured an array of drinking options including Bombay Sapphire (points), two bottles of Moet (for a toast we presume), Bohemio Rum (for fun), red wine (for classy girls), Naked juices (for not so classy girls), Diet Coke (for stupid girls), Polar tonic water (where's the vodka, Dip?), tazo tea bags (WTF), whole milk (to end a bad trip), beer (standard) and a 24 pack of water (to stay hydrated).

As for the edibles, he had a tray of cold cuts with banana peppers and kalamata olives and another of cheese along with a pack of Nature's own whole wheat bread. What can we take away from this? Like most Americans, Diplo loves sandwiches. So where was he to collect? Still nowhere to be seen, but a bowl of nuts and bananas were easily accessible for any girls that perhaps found themselves in Diplo's studio room and wanted to express themselves. The strangest thing on the table was a huge jar of Mt. Olive dill pickles, which was opened and nibbled. At least Diplo was nice enough to get gum for whoever dared to eat his pickle.

So what did Diplo opt for? Well we never got to see him eat or drink anything. Must explain why he's so skinny.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.