Dinner with Wine for $27.50 at Cacao

Uh-oh -- I think all the info needed is in the headline. This is unfortunate in many ways, not the least being that I get paid by the word. (I won't say how much, but if I can stretch this post to the approximate length of War and Peace, I'm pretty sure I'll break into double figures -- which, not to brag, would make me the highest-paid blogger in town.)

But I digress. Allow me to add that the $27.50 deal at Cacao Restaurant (tax and gratuity not included) runs through the month of July and features a three-course menu of red delicious apple salad with basil vinaigrette sorbet, main course choice of grilled Black Angus rib eye or flap steak (vacio), "El Rey" dark chocolate molten cake, and a glass of Malbec. If you go on a Monday, select bottles of wine are 50 percent off. Tuesdays bring a waiver on corkage fees. Limit on both wine deals is two bottles per table -- and if you drink much more, you'll likely be under the table.

By the way, just joking about getting paid by the word. I wish.

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