Dinner at Côté Gourmet: $23.95

The summer prix fixe menu at Côté Gourmet has been as easy to miss as Côté Gourmet. In case you have indeed missed both: Côté opened a couple of years ago as a lunch spot tucked into a Miami Shores office building. Afterwards an outdoor patio was added, which opens up the space and makes it more viable as a cafe. Then a dinner menu came along, and the food -- at least that which I've dined on -- is quite good. Through the month of September, it's very well-priced too: Thursdays through Sundays, 6:00 to 10:30 p.m., $23.95 will net you a solid three-course bistro meal.

Choice for opening salvo is soup, house salad, or phyllo dough "brick" stuffed with tuna, tomatoes, and capers. Entree can be wild mushroom ravioli, roasted chicken thighs in garlic sauce, sautéed salmon in lemon sauce, or skirt steak in red wine-shallot sauce. Dessert options are warm chocolate cake or banana cream "made with yogurt, créme fraîche and almonds". Diners seated between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. are likewise offered a complimentary glass of Sycamore Lane wine. The room is cozy. The service is friendly. This is a deal.

Côté Gourmet, 9999 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores; 305-754-9012.

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