Dim Ssam a GoGo All Set To Go-Go

"Munch and move on!" is the motto, which is just what we did last night at the brand new, ready-to-roll Dim Ssäm á GoGo truck. The groovy foodmobile was parked in front of its anchor, Sakaya Kitchen, but pretty soon it'll be roaming to points north and, according to Richard Hale, fairly far south, too. In the meanwhile, the treats handed out gratis were as good as we've come to expect from Hale -- fresh, zesty -- well, just damn good.

Two Sakaya treats that I hadn't yet sampled: "geeran jim" (or gyeran jjim),

a neatly steamed egg over spicy tater tots and grilled bread; and black

plum ribs with fresh black plum and sweetly gingered brussels sprouts.

My favorite remains the banh-mi bun made with Kurobuta pork belly, terrine de foies de volaille (chicken liver pâté), kimchi, etc. Hands down: Best banh mi

in town.  The Korean fried chicken is always tasty. Housemade

watermelon/cucumber soda to wash it down and oh boy...all we can say to

the always hardworking Hale is: Keep On Truckin'!

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