Where, oh where did Dewey LoSasso go? After recently closing his beloved North One 10, some suspected that perhaps this "Mango Gang" co-founder tossed aside his skillets for a stint as a guitarist, but fans will be thrilled to know they will find behind the line as executive chef at The Forge in mid-December. (As for his charming wife Dale, North One 10's front of the house maven, she is busy keeping Soleá at the W South Beach humming along as general manager).

Dewey LoSasso Gets the 10 -- Questions, That Is...

We thought perhaps we knew Dewey well after eating from a number of his popular themed menus, but after reading his response to the 10, we're still left wondering a few things, namely if he'd at least let Batali wear his orange Crocs. Hmmm. Whatever. Here's the dirt:
New Times: If you could serve a meal to any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you cook for him/her? 

Dewey LoSasso: Bruce Springsteen: A Jersey Shore-Florida hybrid dinner
NT: What was your best or worst dining experience?

DL: BEST: Ristorante Enoteca Pinchiorri tasting menu, Florence, Italy

NT: If your significant other gave you a pass, what celebrity chef would you most like to enjoy a naked cooking session with and why?

DL: Mario Batali - don't need to say anything else
NT: What three words describe your ultimate foodie fantasy?


1. (Daniel)


2. France

3. Wine

NT: What's your favorite soundtrack/song to cook to?
DL: Any Joe Strummer or Clash song
NT: What's the hottest thing a date could whip up for you in the kitchen?

DL: Foie gras and blackberries, Champagne
NT: What's your favorite junk food and where do you get it? 

DL: White Castle hamburgers outside Madison Square Garden in NYC after a concert
NT: Aside from any restaurants you own or have interest in, which Miami eatery is your favorite and what do you like to order there?

DL: Yakko-San, Kimchee Hot Pot
NT: Without naming the person, what three words describe the worst celebrity chef alive today?


1. Ego

2. Disrespectful

3. Vapid

NT: If you could be slathered head-to-toe in one food item--without fear of getting an allergic reaction--what would it be and why? 

DL: If she was food, Giada De Laurentiis. 'Nuf said.

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