Devon Seafood & Steak: Spice It Up Without Miami Spice, Tonight Only

Just cause you live in the suburbs doesn't mean you can't spice things up. In celebration of Miami Spice, Devon is heating things up at a lower cost and with a fourth course. Located in Town and Country in Kendall, the seafood and steakhouse is getting caliente tonight, with an evening of tequila and tamales.

Tonight only, from 7 to 9 p.m., Devon will host a four-course, Mexican-themed dinner crafted by executive chef Scott Barrow. At just $30 a person, it goes head to head with the Miami Spice deal.

But wait, each course is also paired with a drink. Start off with a key lime margarita - the dinner is held in the outdoor patio of the restaurant - so you'll need it. Then dive into a crab goat and cheese tamale with guava and sweet pepper salsa that comes paired with a green viper (Partida Blanco, cucumber, Grand Marnier, lime, agave nectar). Continue with a summer squash tamale, featuring assorted squash, plantains, fried spaghetti squash threads, and black Huitlacoche masa.

Did somebody say round two: Margarita? A Partida Reposado margarita with tamarind and cinnamon accompanies this course, adding some sweetness right before smoke - smoked duck tamale, that is. Pipian verde (Mexican talk for tomatillo & pumpkin seeds), Cojita cheese, crema and micro greens make this tamale extra hot. About time to bring in tequila on the rocks - Cuervo La Familia on the rocks. This is usually the time when things begin getting interesting wild. And that's because the next tamale has mango, cinnamon, brown sugar, and orange liqueur. End the evening with a shot of Jell-O - of blackberry margarita.

For $30 a person and four courses, this is one deal Miami Spice can't beat, as far as pricing goes anyway. Be careful though - tequila, tekillya.

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