Deliver Lean revAMP Aims to Make Detoxing Easier with Actual Food

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Post-Thanksgiving feast or tailgate binge, when you're bloated and miserable, ever wished you could hit the reset button on your bod?

Deliver Lean's revAMP is your five-day ticket back to bring a normal human being again. To get the skinny (so to speak) on this program launching in November (perfect time for Turkey/Tofurky day detoxing), we gave it a try. All the dirty clean details after the jump.

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So here's the deal on the diet: it's under 1,200 calories per day; it's vegan, it's organic and it's free from dairy, gluten, tree nut, wheat, nightshade vegetables, garlic, onion and grain.

The program kicks off on a Tuesday, and Monday is considered a "pre-detox day" when you're gently advised to cut back on the crap. For the five-day run, meals are delivered in two huge overnight packages -- one on Tuesday morning, one on Thursday morning.

The plan is arranged down to the last lettuce leaf. Each day has a lineup: morning chia seed fat flush, breakfast, lunch, snack, juice, dinner soup, juice, detox tea.

The kit also comes with a dry brush for lymphatic stimulation/body brushing (best thing ever, if you haven't tried it!), a soothing candle, a cooler bag for meals, a journal and a t-shirt, so you're totally prepped for a lifestyle reset.

For a clean, high-energy detox diet, the cuisine was pretty palatable. The menu was whipped up by health experts, a clean cuisine chef and a raw food detox specialist, and the final result is designed to help reduce inflammation, give your bod a break and make over both body and mind.

Highlights were the cocao breakfast crunch, a mix of raw, sprouted buckwheat, Goji berries, mango and delicious coconut milk; the zesty Oriental noodle bowl with buckwheat noodles, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, celery and toasted sesame oil with coconut aminos and the creamy, Namaste broccoli soup, fresh broccoli, organic hemp seed cream and sautéed leeks.

And while I dug the fifth day's sprouted bean, seaweed and sauerkraut (among other things) macrobiotic bowl -- I can imagine that some people's taste buds might not be into it.

There were a couple things that were hard to swallow (so to speak): the every-morning Chia fat flush (cranberry, lemon juice and SO MANY chia seeds) and the "miracle" power shot (basically, turmeric and papaya baby food).

But most importantly, how did I feel? Pretty great, overall. Around day three, it got a little tough to power through. I woke up that morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus -- undoubtedly a side effect from going cold turkey on sugar and coffee and Daiya cheese.

But it got easier again, and by day five I was feeling cleaner, lighter and less bloated. Well worth the temporary sacrifice. Plus, eating actual food made this detox a lot easier than, say, a juice cleanse, when you have to forego masticating altogether. There are several meal plans.

All in all, I'd say:

revAMP is good for:

People who want a pre-planned easy transition to better eating.

People who can follow directions.

Guilty over indulgers.

People who dig juicing but miss the food factor.

People who embrace the whole body-mind connection.

revAMP is not so good for:


Big eaters.

The program will be launching at the end of November -- just in time to beat holiday bloat! DeliverLean will be showcasing the new program at Seed Wine & Food Festival (and if you sign up there to start the week after Thanksgiving, you'll get a special discount!). Prices will range in price for the different packages, from $625 for the five-day food detox (Reset -- Beginner) to $1,000 for the 10-day food detox (Reprogram -- Expert). Shipping is included.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.