Decapitated Head Cake, Severed Finger Cookies and More: Ten Best Offensive Edibles to Gross Out Your Halloween Guests

Let's face it - a party is an exercise in one-upmanship. If you don't impress your neighbor, your college roommate and the guy who sits in the cube across from you, it was a failed proposition. And when it comes to grown up Halloween parties - the ickier, the better. (Unless you're the squeamish type, in which case, stick to cupcakes and pumpkin pie.)

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As kids, spaghetti entrails and peeled grape eyeballs might have cut it, but as adults, it's time to upgrade to some seriously creepy Halloween grub. We're talking bloody hearts, oozing brains and dismembered heads. Yum.

10. Flesh Eating Worms
Remember that scene from The Lost Boys when hottie pseudo vampire Michael thinks he sees worms in a carton of Chinese food? Yeah, you can make that happen for your guests. All you need is some jello and a whole mess of straws.

9. Decapitated Head Cake
Head on a platter, John the Baptist style. And this one's easy as pie. Or cheesecake - easy as cheesecake. Basically, buy a bargain basement plastic face mask at a Halloween store. Fill it with no bake cheesecake mix. Freeze. Remove the mask, and paint the features on with decorative icing. Add canned cherries for your blood & gore, and you've got a deliciously disgusting dessert.

Who knows how hungry we'd have to be to resort to eating our dead companions, Donner-party style. This is good practice. Only a lot tastier, we'd imagine. 

And moving on from just the fingers - how 'bout the whole hand? This crispy critter comes complete with singed flesh, exposed wrist bone and tasty delicious mashed potato topping. 

6. Bleeding Heart
The original idea for this gleefully repulsive dessert stems from Penn & Teller's bleeding heart recipe in How to Play With Your Food. But creative revisions by bloggers have made it progressively more realistic, and henceforth, more disgusting. The video speaks for itself. Preparation requires an anatomically correct heart-shaped mold, strawberry gelatin and some skill with a paintbrush - but your guests' horrified reaction will make it totally worth it.

Maybe Martha's not all glitter and candy corn. Her "Eyeball Highball" was gross enough to make our list. 'Cause who wouldn't love a bloodshot eye staring them in the face as they booze it up? We were reminded of the scene from Scrooged when Mr. Murray spots an eyeball in his highball, and proceeds to scream like a girl. Sadly, the clip was too obscure for YouTube, so you'll just have to use your imagination. 

4. Stuffed Intestines
They look just like sausages, right? A really big bratwurst? This lovely and oh-so-appetizing main course selection consists of a chick pea crust and veggie filling. But we're just enamored by the bulging twists and turns of this piece of man-meat. 

3. Kitty Litter Cake
This edible version of Fluffy's personal abode is just a tad too realistic. But therein lies its brilliance. It requires cake mix, pudding mix and an (hopefully) unused box and scoop. And a strong stomach, for sure.

We're not sure quite what these things are. It's like some phallic, edible version of the man-eating worms from Tremors, or the weird striped sandworm from Beetlejuice. Either way, they're nasty-looking. And entirely edible.

So. Very. Wrong.

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