Deals & Steals: BLT Steak, Bourbon Steak, 660 at The Angler

Weighing In On Lulu
So the folks from Greenstreet Café put a billboard up announcing their upcoming Lulu restaurant. Paula Nino of Short Order called owner Sylvano Bignon to ask about it, but he wasn't around. Greenstreet manager Eric Boucher was around, and claimed it was "premature" to discuss the restaurant. I agree with the Short Order commenters: That's just stupid.

New Brunch Angle at The Angler
660 at The Angler is touting a "grown-up hangover brunch" on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Expect tasty selections such as banana Nutella pancakes and steak & eggs, plus a bottomless Bloody Mary Bar or Champagne Cart for $14. Look for management to release the "toddler hangover brunch" menu shortly.
660 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-534-9600

BLT Steak B-Day Steal -- er, Deal

This March 3, BLT restaurants around the country are offering a

special dining deal in honor of the chain's sixth anniversary. The date

that the first BLT Steak

debuted in Manhattan is 3/3/04, so BLT Steak in The Betsy, like all

BLTs, will charge $33.04 for certain steak entrees, Dover Sole, and

blackboard specials. That's not a bad price for these sorts of main

courses, but it doesn't strike us as anything to get excited about. On

the other hand, sides, desserts and cocktails will be only $3.03. So

what the savvy diner should do is head on down on that date, have a few

cocktails, sit down for a bunch of tasty side dishes, and top it off

with a rich dessert. Or two.

1440 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 305-673-0044.

Early Bourbon

Starting next Monday, February 22, Bourbon Steak Miami'

"Raise Your Spirits" will commence one hour early -- at 5 p.m.

rather than at 6. Otherwise the deal remains the same: Monday through

Friday, cocktails and wines by the glass at half-price ($6 to $10.50),

signature bar burgers, and complimentary butter-truffle popcorn. So

what the savvy diner should do is head on down with a laptop and DVD

and enjoy a film or two (preferably French or Italian) with free

truffled popcorn!!! (Just kidding -- although I'm serious about the BLT


Fairmont Turnberry Isle at 19999 West Country Club Drive, Aventura; 786-279-6600.

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