DB's New Happy Hour Perfect Starter for this Saturday's Art Walk

db Bistro Moderne is stepping up its happy hour game face with more menu items, weekly drink specials, and the inevitable in-house D.J., (which was loud when we visited, but actually had some people up and dancing. That would so never happen in NYC.) What we absolutely loved was the food! Executive Chef Jerrod Verbiak agreed the additions qualify as upgraded comfort food, he says that the happy hour plan is "to make it approachable. You want something salty, something satisfying that tastes good, nothing too fussy."

All signature cocktails are now half off, and the happiest detail is that this "hour" runs from Monday through Saturday, from 5 to 8 p.m. It's perfect for an early dinner before you do the Wynwood Art Walk. (Next one is coming up this weekend..) Fancy food for those with fancy taste and moderately filled wallets - an ideal pairing for gallery-goers.

It's the individual elements that make each dish so special - gently

poached tomatoes, garlicky aioli made from scratch, hamburger buns baked

in-house. Chef Verbiak wants to appeal to the downtown crowd, "there are so many young office workers, we wanted dishes that

they could identify with, but be introduced to flavors that they are not

accustomed to with solid technique behind it. Like the "tarte fine",

maybe they've been eating pizza their entire life, but they've never had

it like this before. Same with the burgers, and empanadas." 

DB's Miami Spice menu explores the more classical side of French cooking, including grand mère's pâté and the croque madame, along with specially priced wine pairings by the glass ($7 to $8). The menu will change every two weeks to keep things exciting for local diners, which we appreciate.

And now on to the bar bites, just after the jump.

It appears to be a simple plate of fresh veggies and seafood, but it's the perfection in the preparation that makes this dish a stand-out ($10). Potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, have all been lightly poached, and those mussels and shrimp are fresh as can be.

Empanadas ($8) are stuffed with slow roasted chicken; although it does seems like a stranger on an otherwise French menu, they are delicious little bites. All components are made from scratch, Chef Verbiak says that although "there are emapanadas on every street corner in Miami, ours is always changing, they're Galician inspired."

The "tart fine" ($12) has a bottom layer of onion confit, that willingly melts into the dough. Salty pancetta and smooth ricotta make beautiful music together.

Sushi-grade tuna crudo is topped with a confit of peppers, thinly-sliced radish, and a salad of tomatoes and wild greens. The "tartines de thon" is most definitely high-end bar fare ($9).

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