Galette des rois, or kings' cake
Galette des rois, or kings' cake
Courtesy of DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne Offers a Dessert Fit for a King on Three Kings' Day

Some people know better than to quit celebrating after the ball drops in Times Square, and pastry chef Jérôme Maure at Miami’s chic DB Bistro Moderne is one of them.

Maure is gearing up for the celebration of Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day, which is observed yearly on January 6, with the preparation of the traditional galette des rois, or kings' cake.

DB Bistro's kings' cake isn't the typical gaudy purple, gold, and green iced coffee cake you'll find before Mardi Gras. In this upscale version, a flaky pastry is filled with almond frangipane and topped with a gold crown. Tradition has it that the galette comes with a surprise baked into it — a fève, or bean. Whoever receives the slice with the fève gets to be the roi, or king, for the day, wearing the gilded paper crown that accompanies the dessert.

Today most French bakeries replace the bean with a trinket or figurine, ranging from popular cartoon characters to religious figures. Maure will do the same and offer his delectable rendition beginning today during lunch and dinner or for take-out. Guests dining at the restaurant can also order the cake by the slice.

One doesn’t want to make a habit of baking foreign objects into a dessert, let alone hope to be the one to bite them, but with kings' cake, it's worth taking the chance. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a time-honored dessert while possibly becoming royalty for a day?

DB's galette des rois, which costs $32 for a whole cake or $6 for a slice, is available through January 31. To order in advance, call 305-421-8800.

Alona Abbady Martinez lives in Plantation. She writes about food and family on her blog, Culinary Compulsion, and is currently working on her book, My Culinary Compulsion, a global food memoir with recipes. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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