Darth Vader Toast, Light Saber Chopsticks: Ten of The Craziest Star Wars Cooking Tools Ever

Today, September 16, marks the release of the eight-disc set of Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Star Wars fans can rejoice in seeing 40-plus hours of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo and , most importantly, Jar Jar Binks, in spectacular remastered digital film (including thousands of spooling feet deemed too boring to make it to the theaters).

To mark this occasion, we've assembled a collection of Star Wars kitchen appliances designed to make your Star Wars watch party happier. Because god knows a party isn't a party without Darth Vader toast.

10. Star Wars Pancake Mold
If you're convinced the most important meal of the day should consist of little green men and cyborg people, then these pancake molds are for you. $19.95 Williams-Sonoma.com

9. R2D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser
Here's the good news and the bad news
about this droid. The bad news is that it leaks. The good news is that
it leaks tasty soy sauce. $25.30 Strapya-World.com

8. Light Sabre Chopsticks
A perfect pair with the R2D2 soy sauce
dispenser, these Yoda-green light sabre chopsticks light up so when the
evil empire invades with raw fish you're totally prepared. $17.20 Amazon.com

7. R2D2 Trashcan
Where else are you going to hide the evidence of a
gunfight at the Cantina on Tatooine? Store those pesky Aqualish remains
here. $159.99 at Thinkgeek.com

6. Han Solo Ice Cube Tray
Remember when Han Solo was frozen in
carbonite? Recreate that scene with these ice cube
trays. The blank expression on the faces of your friends who actually
hold jobs and have lives will be well worth the $9.99 you paid for this
tray. Thinkgeek.com

5. Darth Vader Toaster
Toast always tastes better when it's
dark....like the heart of the evil Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Now
your toast can reflect the Rebel Alliance's future (darker still) with the Darth
Vader Toaster. $49.99 Thinkgeek.com

4. Space Slug Oven Mitt
Why play around with cows and pigs when you
can pull your baked goods out of the oven with a genuine Star Wars space
slug? This slug can withstand the heat and looks, uh, toothy while
doing it. $19.95 Thinkgeek.com

3. Yoda Nutcracker
Crack nuts you will. Yoda will help you get the tasty meat out of the hard shell using force instead of the Force. $279.95, Amazon.com

2. May the Forks Be With You Apron 
This apron is guaranteed to protect you from the dark lords of the kitchen as you navigate through space, striving to make dinner. After all, rebel forces in their X-wing fighters need nourishment after a long day of battling Imperial Stormtroopers. Sexy enough to wear when preparing an intimate dinner for you and Han Solo. $14.95, Amazon.com

1. Jabba the Hutt Cookie Jar
This is the perfect calorie reminder for when you
have cravings. Just look at that overweight oozing lump holding your
cookies, and we bet you'll opt for the carrot sticks. $230 Tias.com

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