Daniel Boulud is Not Turning to Budget Italian Fare

DB Bistro Moderne will not be ditching its contemporary French bistro fare in favor of spaghetti & meatballs. I say this because apparently some people took a post I wrote this past week a little too seriously. My fault, really: I attributed invented quotes to Daniel Boulud without explaining that they weren't real.

So no, Chef Boulud absolutely did not claim that Miami residents "wouldn't know a tarte tatin if it bit them in the derriere." Most readers probably figured that out, but not all. Paula Forbes of national Eater.com was one of the latter. "Daniel Boulud: Miami Diners Have No Clue About French Cuisine" blared her blog hed. Sheesh.

I wrote the post as a means of parodying comments by Tim Doolittle of Emeril's Miami Beach. He had recently explained that there isn't much emphasis on New Orleans food at the restaurant because Miami diners prefer Miami food, and that many foreign tourists here don't even know about New Orleans. So I followed Doolittle's real quotes with mock quotes by Daniel Boulud saying that Miami diners prefer budget Italian food to French -- and wouldn't know a tarte tatin...

Sorry for any confusion that may have ensued. Luckily, the folks over at db Bistro Moderne can't get too upset with me after that nice review I just gave them.

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