Danell Leyva Olympic Watch Party Tonight at Brickell Irish Pub

During the Olympic Games, the men and women of our great nation kick ass and make us all teary-eyed and proud of them.

We're amazed that we share the same homeland as these athletes who sacrifice booze-filled nights and fast-food binging to bring home a bunch of medals (and a lot of pride).

Now, add to that a home-town favorite from right here in Miami and that, folks, is something to really cheer about. Plus (and we won't be shy), this guy is really hot.

We're talking about, of course, gymnast Danell Leyva. Since the Olympics are all out of synch because of the time difference in London, almost everyone already knows (spoiler alert)...

that our favorite Cuban-American athlete took the bronze medal in the individual all-around men's competition today. But that shouldn't stop

you from heading to the official Danell Leyva watch party tonight at 8 at Brickell Irish Pub.

Alongside his friends and family, you can watch Leyva compete on the pub's 15

flat-screens, including the largest screen in Brickell, as you enjoy

drink specials, live music between the Olympic action, and some special


Ladies will enjoy $4 draft beers and $5 well drinks while watching the

hunky Leyva give it his all for Team USA. Plus, a round of shots for

everyone (over 21) if when he takes home a medal. Drinking and watching the Olympics. That's a team sport we all can participate in!

Here's a bit of Leyva in action:

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