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DaddyBrews Homebrew Supply Store Grand Opening Saturday

With all of the breweries popping up around town lately, it's surprising to know that Miami has only two homebrew supply stores. Now comes DaddyBrews Homebrew Supply store, which holds its grand opening party on September 28.

Amazingly, this is the middle of Oktoberfest. So if you're not looking to travel far and scrounge for parking, celebrate the opening of a place that fosters the spirit of home brewing.

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To all of the homebrewers in the county who are used to making long drives or long shipping times for supplies, having some local options is a welcome sign. With a converted warehouse located at 4427 SW 74th Avenue, Lindsay knew it would be prime retail being within arms reach of the Bird Road Art District. Prior to opening his business, Linsday has worked in the retail sector for several years, working as a manager at the Dadeland Mall Cheesecake Factory for several years.

And owning a homebrew supply store, it was only natural for him to hold free homebrewing classes on the weekends. Remember Nick Armada from CerveTech? Well he's back and he's moved his laboratory to DaddyBrews, along with the home-built bar/lounge formerly of Armada's old space that is to be used with weekend tastings. With a brand-new pilot brewing system in the back appropriately dubbed "brewmation", you better believe there will be a lot of tasting going on at DaddyBrews. Free homebrewing classes start at 10 or 11 a.m. and last for about six hours. Linsday occasionally brews on Tuesday nights.

Originally from Oregon but grew up in MIami, it's no wonder that owner Jacob Linsday understands the needs of local homebrewers. Maybe it's in his blood. He keeps it real with craft beer by driving to Portland every year. Or maybe it was the beer courses at Florida International University Biscayne Campus. Whatever it is, Lindsay's experience has taught him that running a clean environment with a fully stocked hop freezer and yeast fridge equals success. For novice or pro, Lindsay intends to compete with online prices.

To prepare for the grand opening, Armada brewed at least six different beers for the occasion, including Tropic Thunder IPA, a pale ale, a Belgian, a saison and a chocolate peanut butter porter. Lindsay describes the Tropic Thunder like "walking through a Georgia peach orchard eating on a mango." Indeed.

Armada generously donated some chocolate peanut butter porter to food truck vendor RocKat Ice Cream, who proudly turned into ice cream. Other food trucks on hand will be "jerky junkies" Noveau Gourmet, specializing in beef jerky, and Babe Froman, the sausage queen of Miami and Latin Burger.

The spent grains from the homebrew classes are recycled by In Your Face Delights, a Miami company specializing in organic energy-rich snacks, which took them and made a snack crackers that will be available to sample on Saturday.

There will be plenty of more homebrew to be had with local brewers Gravity Brewlab, Moron Brothers, B.R.E.W. FIU, 4th Age Brewing, MIA Brewing Company, Beer Snob Ales and others showing their support to the local homebrew scene on Saturday.

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By opening the county's second homebrew supply store, Lindsay is staking his own claim in the local craft beer scene. DaddyBrews is normally open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday through Sunday. The grand opening is from 5-8 p.m. on Saturday, just in time for Oktoberfest. There is no admission or cover charge. Instead of taking metro to some far-off festival where parking sucks and the beer is not exactly craft, try something free and local.

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