Crookie: Cronut Contender or Crook?

More than 490 billion Oreos have been sold, but the lifelong conundrum remains: How to eat America's favorite sandwich cookie? Some say the best way is to dunk it so that when you put it in your mouth, it will be soft and mushy. Others like to twist it gently so that the two halves break open. What do you do? Do you lick off the frosting and then crunch the cookie afterward? Do you rake the icing with your teeth, then put both sides back together? Regardless, there's a new, better way -- inside a croissant.

Low and behold, the crookie -- croissant-cookie hybrid -- has a become a contender, or should we say cronteder.

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The crookie hails from Toronto and was created by Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, owner of Clafouti Patisserie & Cafe. The challenge came about when local Canadian blog The Grid asked local bakeries to come up with inventive hybrid desserts. Olivier, not knowing what a Cronut was -- allegedly -- thought of the idea because of a suggestion from his wife and kids. His wife told him how good he is with croissants -- his artisan French bakery is famous for its buttery creations -- and his kids love Oreos. The crookie was then born.

It was only a matter of time before someone challenged Dominique Ansel and his famed cronut. Since inventing the pastry in May, he has faced various cronut impostors. Good thing for him he trademarked his elusive pastry then. The verdict for crookie? Safe for now. Ansel told "I haven't heard of the Crookie. Would love to try though."

While Ansel limits his customers to two cronuts per person, Olivier has set forth no boundaries when it comes to sugar. At $2.70 a pop, the crookies seem to be selling like hot cakes -- a 100 a day by noon. While Olivier seems to be safe from committing the sweet crime of trademark infringement and claims to not know was a cronut was prior to inventing his concoction, it seems a bit too coincidental. So what do you think, crookie or crook?

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