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Critical Mass Miami: Ice Cream Bike, Art Tonight At Critical Mass

A month ago Miami's first ice cream bicycle debuted at Critical Mass. Well in case you missed it,, tonight's your second chance to witness history. Michael's Genuine line cook Aleric "A.J" Constanin will meet cyclist and restaurant friends at the Government Center pre-bike ride to show off his pimped ride, which has received a makeover from local graffiti artist Gabriel Gimenez. You may know him as GG.

He created the large pop art paintings full of bright colors and cartoon figures. Specifically, his main character is Fado. The self-made artist has built a name for himself in a short time in the art and fashion communities. And now he's moving on to food.

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A.J met GG at Art Walk. He said he had read Short Order's article about the bicycle. After one bite GG asked for a trade: ice cream for art. And it was right there in the heart of the Arts District where Miami's culinary scene is as prominent as grafitti that another marriage between food and street art was formed. "I gave him full artistic freedom," says A.J. "He knows what he's doing." We can't argue that.

While we don't know what A.J's bike will look like just yet - he doesn't even know - we got a sneak peak. Not surprisingly it screams of GG, but also of ice cream. A.J will get his bike later today, just hours before tonight's Critical Mass ride, where he will be selling ice cream before and after as well as showing off GG's latest work on wheels.

The flavor for tonight: smoked marshmallow bourbon chocolate milk. Sounds fattening, right? It's not. Made with the highest quality and all natural ingredients, the ice cream is healthy but filling. At $4 a pop, it's a steal, primarily for GG who commissioned free ice cream for life. Ain't that the ultimate American dream?

To see GG's full work on the ice cream bicycle and taste A.J's sweetness, ride over to the Government Center before 7 p.m and have some ice cream. You can eat it antes , despues or both (yes, it's that good) a 14 mile bike ride. Call it a guilty pleasure.

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