Creek 28 Restaurant's Chef Kira Volz and Her New Chef's Garden

In a three way partnership between The Market Company (Lincoln Road farmers market, Upper Eastside Green Market, Doral Farmers Market etc.), Paradise Farms (organic produce farmer for the restaurant industry), and Miami Victory Gardens (ready made raised bed gardens) Creek 28 restaurant in the historic Indian Creek Hotel on Miami Beach has just installed two raised bed vegetable gardens for the growing season.

Chef Kira says they are using the raised bed because "Here on the beach you dig three inches into the soil and it's fuckin coral rock.

For me, as a chef, the herbs are one of the most expensive things to buy, but the easiest thing to grow. We'll be growing herbs, tomatoes, salad greens, we already have some pineapples going, we'll be putting in two 4x4 beds.

It's a lot of work, I'm not going to lie, but things like this are worth working for."

Here are some more pictures from the install. We will go back to Creek 28 in about 25 days when they should be pulling in their first crop thanks to properly sown seeds and a method called successive gardening that should always keep them in fresh produce...

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Jacob Katel
Contact: Jacob Katel