Cream, Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream Offers Sweet and Creamy Buzz

Cream, the alcohol-infused cream that hit the market late last year, is now available in Miami. Even when hidden on the bottom shelf at Grove Liquors (2991 SW 32nd Ave., Miami), the colorful cream canisters grab our attention and have us wondering if we just stumbled across the perfect condiment.

While Cream's official website suggests adding the stuff atop mixed drinks, shots and coffees, we don't believe in limiting ourselves. We topped it on our morning bowl of fruit and afternoon latte and no one was the wiser. For those purists in the bunch just squirt it directly into your mouth for a sweet buzz.

Comparing it to regular whipped cream seemed like the right thing to do, and we give it a thumbs up. Keep in mind that it contains alcohol, so it's a bit runnier and not quite as "fluffy," but serve it immediately and no one will be the wiser -- until they taste it that is. The sweet canned cream taste is there, but there is a definite kick to every bite.

Cream offers five flavors: raspberry, chocolate, cherry, caramel and vanilla. We snatched up the 30 proof vanilla for $8.99.

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