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Crazee Olive Not So Crazy For Serving Up A Falafel Burger

It's beef?!...No!... It's

vegetarian?!... Yes, it's Afazel's falafel! Mohsen Afazel's Crazee Olive Mediterranean

Grill can easily be missed while driving, or walking, down

Washington Ave. But find it, step inside, and discover a casual

Mediterranean restaurant with a diverse menu of distinct

dishes. And then, among the list of simple burger options, one

finds the falafel burger ($4.99).

You might consider sticking to what you

know and ordering a hamburger ($3.99 single/ $4.99 double) or

cheeseburger ($4.49 single/ $5.49 double) that comes off the

"state-of-the-art open flame, brick oven." Afazel, who works the counter and the kitchen, is proud of his

establishment and especially his six-ounce falafel burger.

"Bet you never had one of these before..." he says, pointing at

the sign on the counter. He assures me the vegetarian burger

is well worth it, smiling as he rings me up. When asked if he's

serving the only falafel burger in town, Mr. Afazel only smiles a

self-assured smile as if saying, "This is the only falafel burger

worth trying."

All burgers come with lettuce, tomato,

onion, pickle, and sauce, unless otherwise specified. And fries

($2.75-$3.75) are extra. But one should be satisfied with a burger

that is comprised of an incredibly well-seasoned and crisply fried

falafel that is only enhanced by the toppings and soft bun.

Prices are reasonable. Seating is

limited. Because it's not fast food, placing an order and waiting at

least ten minutes should be expected, even if there isn't a line out

the door.

Crazee Olive Mediterranean Grill
751 Washington Ave., Miami Beach


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