Coyo Taco
Photo by Rodrigo Moreno

Coyo Taco to Test Self-Driving Delivery Cars With Ford and Postmates

The next time you order a burrito from Coyo Taco, you might not be greeted by a delivery driver. The Miami restaurant is among the first to test a service offered by Postmates and Ford in which self-driving vehicles deliver food.

Targeting Coyo Taco's Brickell location, Ford will help the brand reach a larger customer base across Miami-Dade. A map of the driverless cars' operating area has not yet been released, but the pilot is expected to begin mid-March and run for ten to 12 weeks, during which all of Coyo Brickell's deliveries will be fulfilled without human interaction.

“We’re so happy to be one of the locations Postmates is testing its new innovative delivery system,” Coyo cofounder Sven Vogtland says. “We hope to continue making people’s experience with Coyo more and more exciting."

After a user places an order, Postmates will provide onsite staff to take food from the restaurant to a self-driving car, which will journey to the user's location. To retrieve food upon the car's arrival, the customer will enter a PIN code provided at the time of ordering.

By testing the autonomous cars throughout the Miami metro area, delivery data will be used to help shape the future of the program. If the pilot is successful, critics warn, it could put many people out of work.

Coyo Taco. 1111 SW First Ave., Miami; 786-773-3337; coyo-taco.com.

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