Copperbox: Miami's Secret Eatery

​This bit of information may piss off you readers, but just consider it a challenge or riddle: a promising new restaurant with a speakeasy vibe has opened in Midtown but we can't tell you when you can dine there so you'll have to find out the scoop yourself.

The name of the space is Copperbox and it can be found at 3328 N Miami Avenue in Wynwood. But don't tie your bib on yet -- all you'd see upon arrival is a copper paint-covered wall and door -- no sign -- and you'd only be welcomed inside if you had received a personal invitation to a pre-planned chef's table-style supper. Snooty? Yes. Intriguing? Even more so.

The concept is still in its infancy, but some bits of info can be shared. First off, we know it isn't technically a pop-up since the owner has full-time possession of the space. She uses it day in and day out to house her catering business, though it will only be open to the public as a restaurant sporadically. Secondly, the neutrally decorated, candlelit section can seat up to about 20 people comfortably in any arrangement. Third, the chef's menus are all high-end, currently incorporating four to six creations such as a crème brulee-style foie gras amuse bouche, gratin mussels, and rabbit pate. Plate presentations included vibrant edible flowers, sparkling gold leaf, and yes, even a live goldfish (though not everyone at the table was a fan of that gimmick so it may not stick). Price points, wine offerings and such have yet to be determined. As of yesterday, the plan was B.Y.O.W. but we suspect that will change soon, too.

Late last night a branding consultant, a furniture designer, contractor, wine rep, local philanthropist/venture capitalist, and yours truly, along with an assistant sommelier from the city's most well-known restaurant and another big-time sommelier from one of the nation's best-known restaurants gathered to evaluate what could easy become known as Miami's first "whisper" eatery. Since the current tasting menu is still in its experimental phases we won't divulge any opinions, but we suspect you may be hearing the buzz soon... but only if someone murmurs in your ear. Or, you can try calling 305-392-0983 or e-mailing [email protected] for details.

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Riki Altman