Cooking Channel is the Food Network Minus the Annoying TV Hosts

You've seen it, the commercial on Comcast or DirecTV announcing the launch of the Cooking Channel May 31. First thought that probably ran through your head is we already have a cooking channel called Food Network. Don't worry then, this channel doesn't seem like its going to cater to you.

In fact, the slogan for the new channel is "for food people, by food people." It seems like they are aiming to be the anti-Food Network, which happens to be the channel's parent company. Let's face it, most of us can cook just as well, if not better than TV "chefs" like Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee, two women who bear the brunt of most of the criticism from the discerning. And then there are other annoying celeb-chefs like Guy Fieri, Anne Burrell, and Patrick and Gina Neely (sorry, we don't enjoy heaping serving of sexual innuendo with our meal). This channel can even make respected chefs like Tyler Florence and Mario Batali seem grating.

No, Cooking Channel seems like its going to be more high-brow than its sister channel. Just looking at the blog set up to give us a preview, the programming looks to be more worldly, locavore, and advance course.

If you are wondering whether you'll be able to tune in on May 31, if you currently receive the Fine Living Network, which in Miami-Dade is channel 122 on Comcast, 176 on Atlantic Broadband, and 232 on DirecTV, you will be receiving the channel when it launches. But for now you can get a taste via the Cooking Channel blog Devour.

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