Contest: Predict The First Hamburger Joint To Close!

I mean c'mon -- it's getting silly. Oneburger, Blissburger, Fatburger, 8 Oz Burger, Burger & Beer, Burger & Beer 2, Bourbon Burger Bar, Dune Burger Bar, Kingdom, Five Guys, Whopper Bar, all the other Burger Kings, Mickey D's, Checkers, Wendy's --  plus one Shake Shack coming right up! According to my abacus, for all of these to succeed, each one of us living in Miami-Dade will have to eat 7 burgers a day, 365 days a year. No, wait, that's not right -- I forgot to factor in The Burger Beast. When we add the burgers he consumes, it means the rest of us only have to eat 3 burgers a day. But still...

First one to correctly guess the first burger-oriented joint to go out of business will win a free hamburger at any one of the aforementioned burger joints. Just post your prediction in the comments section below -- and wait. Shouldn't take too long.

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