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Concrete Beach Brewery: Miami To Get Another New Beer Maker

Another new brewery could be coming to Miami. Alchemy and Science Brewing Collaborative, the Vermont-based company with a growing brood of craft breweries, filed a trademark application for Concrete Beach Brewery in August.

Even more telling, a basic search for the aforementioned name yields three trademark results, all of them filed by A&S, one of them containing the word "Stiltsville". Last July we reported that A&S, also a subsidiary of Boston Beer Corporation, might be staking a claim somewhere in Miami.

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It may seem a little coincidental, but where else in the world other than Miami is associated with Stiltsville? We dare say no where else. Records of A&S found with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations further suggest a Florida connection.

Exact details are hard to come by. Last June we contacted Magic Hat Brewery founder and A&S front man Alan Newman, but he preferred to remain quiet until things became finalized. But who knows? Names tend to change and new trademarks get filed. But given its track record of acquiring breweries, and Miami's growing craft beer market, it makes sense that Newman would have an interest in coming here..

Last month A&S acquired the rights to Coney Island beer, a brand created by Shmaltz Brewing Company in 2007.

And back in January of 2012, Newman and Company assumed control of Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Newman and fellow Magic Hat associate Stacey Steinmetz formed A&S shortly after leaving the brewery in 2010, then partnered with BBC owner and now-billionaire Jim Koch in October 2011. Newman created Magic Hat in 1994, setting up shop in Burlington, Vermont. Alchemy and Science's mission is to create awareness of crazy craft-brewed beers around the country, like Angel City's new beer that is brewed with avocado.

Is Miami the target of Newman's next project? Only time will tell. Whether or not it's true, the possibility of a A&S brewery in Miami would definitely have the Magic City craft beer peoples crossing their fingers.

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