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Concrete Beach Brewery: Alchemy & Science Brewing Moves Into Wynwood

It's finally official. Concrete Beach Brewery is coming to Miami. The Alchemy & Science Brewing Collaborative project headed by Alan Newman and Stacy Steinmetz formally announced yesterday it will arrive in the Wynwood Arts District.

Construction for the new brewery began earlier this month. It will be housed in an old warehouse located at 339 NW 24th Street. A&S said in a news release that the brewery should be open by early 2014.

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Concrete Beach will not only produce beer but also serve it at a nearby location, as well as provide brewery tours and become an active supporter of Wynwood's vibrant arts scene. The brewery will produce a number of styles of craft beer on draft for local distribution and will follow up 90 to 120 days later with bottled beer.

"We're excited to join the growing craft beer movement in Miami and think it's the perfect place for Alchemy & Science to continue to fulfill its mission of expanding the craft beer community," Alan Newman, president of Alchemy & Science, said in a news release. "When we started seeking opportunities for A&S, we were instantly drawn to Wynwood's revitalization, and it all came together."

The new Wynwood brewery is the fifth craft beer project for Alchemy & Science. Other projects include Angel City Brewery in California, Coney Island Brewing Company in New York, Traveler Beer Company in Vermont, and the Just Beer Project, also based in Vermont. Angel City Brewery, if you don't already know, has brewed an avocado-flavored beer.

Newman, who founded and then left Magic Hat Brewing Company in Vermont, started A&S with fellow Magic Hat associate Stacey Steinmetz in 2010. Newman and his friend Jim Koch, owner of Boston Beer Company, partnered to create A&S as an independent brewing subsidiary.

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Big-time craft beer is giving Miami some love. With the addition of Concrete Beach Brewery, Miami will have at least four production breweries and several more on the way.

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