Cocktail World Cup Coming Up at the Delano

The United States Bartenders' Guild (USBG) has been busy recruiting the top mixologists in the United States in order to enter their most inventive and elegant elixirs into The 6th Annual Cocktail World Cup competition (hosted by 42BELOW Vodka). Next step is for the ten winning cocktail entries to compete in a Love, Drinks and Rock N' Roll-themed regional competition during the week of February 22, to take place in 13 cities around the United States. Miami is one such city.

The Miami competition will be held on Tuesday, February 23, at Florida Room in the Delano Hotel. USBG representative Laura Cullen, Top Chef Jeff McInnis of DiLido Beach Club Ritz-Carlton, and former Cocktail World Cup contestant John Lermayer will be the judges.

Short Order will be there to bring you the riveting blow-by-blow

account -- oh no, wait, I got mixed up. That's what we'll be doing when

we cover the 4th Annual Cocaine World Cup competition. We'll be providing gripping sip-by-sip coverage for the 6th Annual Cocktail World Cup.

Come on down and watch the action. I'm sure the folks from 42BELOW will

be happy to hand out samples of their vodka (although I should probably

note that there is no announced plan of doing so at the moment).

The video from last year is here.

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