Cinco De Mixology

I'm bout to let you Short Ordrians in on a secret. Jesus was a Mexican, and he has a drink named as such, and nobody's ever heard of it because I made it up.

This is an exclusive, as yet unreleased recipe. The only person who's ever heard it was the bartender at Fox's over a year ago, and she thought it was a great idea, or at least I was drunk enough to believe so.

The drink is a variation on the Irish Car Bomb and is also known as the Mexican Car Bomb. Here are the ingredients:

1. Sauza Tequila (hint: It's better than Patron and gold beats clear liquor anyday)
2. Tecate Beer
3. Shot Glass
4. Good Size Beer Mug
5. Lime
6. Salt
7. Hot Sauce


Fill mug with Tecate, fill shot with Sauza, squeeze lime in beer, toss in some salt, splash hot sauce, drop in tequila shot, chug, slam on bar when done. Happy Cinco!

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