Churchill's Pub is Our World Cup Breakfast Headquarters

Early this morning while Argentina was tricking on the Republic of Korea (Argentina 4 - 1), Short Order was drinking beer and grubbing English breakfast at Churchill's Pub. Owner Dave Daniels said, "This is our eighth World Cup. Now it's on cable or whatever, but if you go out back here and look on the roof, we've got two 12 or 13-foot satellites we've had for years and this was the only place you could watch the games. We've got a 7 a.m. liquor license. You should have seen this place Saturday (England vs. USA), we needed a goalkeeper. It was a mad house."

The English breakfast offered crisp bacon, sausage spiced to kick, home fries with a good crunch factor, and eggs and toast done proper. We washed it all down with morning fresh bottle of Bud. We would have opted for Guinness, but $6 a beer is too rich for our blood; and at $5 so was the Newcastle. There were only five of us at the bar this morning, but look for bigger crowd numbers as the stakes go higher in the Cup.

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