Christine's and New Times Hosts Artisan Brands Pairing Tonight

Tonight, New Times and Christine's Restaurant  are presenting a complimentary tasting and pairing for Artisan Brands,

a distributor of small batch, artisan spirits that's just moved into

South Florida. Christine's chefs  Bill Bruening and Tom Repetti will be

throwing down a spread of passed hors d'oeuvres that with flavors

complimentary to the exotic blends. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and

is completely free!

Some of the liquors on hand: Montesierpe

Pisco, a small batch, typical Peruvian liquor made from grapes;

Artemisia Superior Absinthe Verte, a 100% US made absinthe; and El

Conde Azul Tequilas, a 100% Blue Agave imbibe that's shipped in

hand-blown Italian glass. It's all very hyper-specialized stuff - see

the full selection of Artisan Brands items here.


is Artisan liquor important? Well, the National Restaurant

Association revealed a survey of more than 1600 chefs this year that

found micro-distilled and artisan liquors will be among the top 10 food

trends in 2009. Chefs ranked these specialty liquors, including organic

wine, number 9 - behind small plates, superfruits, organic produce, and

- number one - locally grown produce. This basically means you should

expect a lot more "signature cocktails" at restaurants, possibly paired

with a dish and most certainly commanding a higher cost than typical

alcoholic beverages. As if we weren't paying enough for our ultra-chic,

indigenously made drinks anyway.

-- John Linn

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