Chow Down Grill's Chef Talks Ingredients

You might have heard about new Surfside restaurant Chow Down Grill on Eater, Power Rankings, or even the restaurant's construction blog on Facebook, but here's what former China Grill executive sous chef and BLT Steak alum Joshua Marcus hasn't told anybody:

"I will be opening Chow Down Grill sometime in mid-May. It will be a place where we make hand-rolled dumplings (like they do in Chinatown), we will serve Vietnamese sandwiches called banh mi, we will combine classic American Chinese sauces (i.e. sweet-and-sour, green curry, orange chili, kung pao, etc.), but with a seasonal and upgraded vegetable twist like using Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and honjamishi mushrooms, and we will try as best
as possible to be locally sourced and sustainable."

We just Googled "honjamishi mushrooms" and the search turned up no results. Can any other restaurant in Miami say it serves food that doesn't even exist on the Internet? Now that's exclusive. With Chow Down Grill's emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients, authentic style, underrepresented foods, and $10-and-under price range, this is a place we're definitely looking forward to.

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