Choices Premieres Juice Lounge Party Saturday Night

When it comes to hot party spots in Miami, there are seemingly endless choices. LIV, Set, Mansion, Space, and Nikki Beach all rank in the top 25 nightclubs in the US, according to Clubplanet.com.

These clubs are each a little different, but there are a few fundamental truths that apply to all of them. Unless you're a hot broad, entrance entails long lines and pricey cover charges. Once you're in, thanks to Florida's lax smoking laws, you can expect to be surrounded and possibly burned by lit cigarettes. An oily-muscled shirtless man will probably either blast you with a fog gun filled with chemically-cooled air, or throw a trees-be-damned rain of cocktail napkins down upon you. The drinks on the menu are invariably overpriced and alcoholic... or intolerably boring (like club soda or Sprite). Oh, and you can also count on feeling like shit tomorrow morning.

If that all sounds great to you, rock on. If you're sick of sacrificing your physical and spiritual health for the sake of your social life, however, Alex Cuevas, owner of Choices Vegan Cafe in the Brickell area, has an alternative party for you. This Saturday night will mark the restaurant's first Juice Lounge party.

But Choices isn't just planning to serve carrot juice by candlelight. Cuevas and his brother Jorge have crafted a cocktail-inspired organic juice menu that will ensure no one misses liquor.

The "watermelon cosmo" ($9), for example, is a mix of watermelon, lemon, ginger root, agave, and mint. The "sangria" ($9) consists of fresh-made organic apple, grape, and orange juices, plus chopped fruit and sparkling water. And the "raw mojito" ($9) is a blend of pear, cucumber, mint, and lime.

The lounge will also be serving up smoothies like the "Piña Cool-ada" ($10), which is a mix of pineapple, young coconut, stevia, hemp, chia seeds, and ice; and the "Goji Love" ($11), made of young coconut, goji berries, dates, cacao, maca, and vanilla bean.

Guests can also buy light bites like the mezze plate ($12), featuring chickpea tuna, crudites, olives and whole grain tortilla; raw vegan brownie bites ($4); and raw cashew bites ($4).

"My motivation is to provide people with more choices," said Cuevas of his new nightlife initiative. "I want to create an opportunity for people to go out and have fun in an environment that's not smoky, and where their choices aren't limited to alcohol or some sugary processed crap like cranberry juice from concentrate. People can come out and be social, have health-promoting drinks, and meet like-minded people," he said.

The inaugural Juice Lounge party will unfold to the sounds of chill house and other mellow music. The good clean fun starts at 8 and runs until 11 p.m. this Saturday at Choices Cafe.

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