...you come in after 6 p.m. on Halloween--that would be this Sunday for those of you who live under a rock--and you are costumed in the manner of a horrifying processed food product. [As if you could think of any other type of processed food product.] 

Chipotle's $2 Meal

We're told proceeds of up to $1 million will benefit Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Ironically, the photo on Oliver's promo page for the Boorito deal shows him dressed as a McNugget. Oh, did you not know Chipotle was once a subsidiary of McDonald's? Yep--Ronald's company helped finance the burrito boomer's growth and allowed it to leverage resources. Now that's no way to treat an old friend. 

So aside from dissin' Mickey D's, here are some suggestions regarding what you can dress as: 

1. Fish sticks
2. Velveeta
3. Donuts
4. Bologna
5. Hamburger Helper
6. Spam
7. Hot dogs
8. Instant oatmeal
9. Tofurky
10. Fruit Roll-ups

Additionally if you were already planning to trick, treat or party dressed as Snooki, Lady Gaga, or some Twilight goon and therefore won't be able to do the outfit rearranging quick enough to score cheap eats, there's still hope. Just don one of the aforementioned getups (or one of your own creations), get someone to snap a photo of you in front of a local Chipotle, and submit it to chipotle.com/boorito on or before November 8. You could win prizes ranging from a burrito party for 20 or $2,500.

Or maybe just save all the candy you collect, bathe in Elmer's glue, and roll around in it. Costume complete. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.