Mmmmm....those tomatoes taste slavegrown
Mmmmm....those tomatoes taste slavegrown
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Chipotle Refuses To Partner With Coalition Of Immokalee Workers. How Bout Them Slave Tomatoes?

Back in April when we gave away free Chipotle burrito passes through Short Order we didn't know they supported slave tomatoes.

Chipotle is that company whose whole PR gimmick is "Food With Integrity." However, they have thus far refused to partner with our favorite Florida farmworkers union, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, or the CIW for short. This is the organization that has been successful in forcing other fast food giants into compliance with humane business practices through guerrilla public relations.

The CIW contends that by not joining up with them Chipotle are supporting "sub-poverty wages, back-breaking labor, and unimaginable exploitation." These assertions are backed up by Florida's vaunted recent history with modern slavery charges filed against, prosecuted, and won over Florida farmers.

Log on to for more info and to see what you can do to help.


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