Chefs Loren Pulitzer, Sabrina Lopez Hosting Vegan Cooking Classes at Choices Kitchen

Vegan cooking isn't for sissies. Newbies to the plant-based lifestyle may have a tough time navigating the unfamiliar waters of kale and kohlrabi. With a skilled captain in the kitchen, however, it can be smooth sailing to a healthier lifestyle.

That's why taking cues from vegan chefs Loren Pulitzer and Sabrina Lopez is a wise idea for anyone in need of direction. The two talented women are hosting a series of three cooking classes at Choices Kitchen, kicking off this Saturday, March 21.

The duo will lead attendees through a class to soups, one on Asian-inspired eats and another on baked goods.

"One of our goals is to show how easy it is to cook and eat healthy and delicious food. Soup and stews are simply to make and at the same time can have many layers of flavors and be super nutritious. They are fun and fast to make. They can feed one or many. In addition they are super cost effective," says Pulitzer.

Pulitzer is a busy bee. In addition to this and all her other chef work, she's also the founder of Simply Sharon's cookies and co-founder of FEAST Miami.

The first class, on soups, runs 6 to 8 p.m. on March 21. Budding chefs will head home with recipes for make-your-own vegetable broth, broccoli soup, sweet potato stew, and gluten-free skillet cornbread and crackers.

But are these classes doable for kitchen noobs?

"Yes. In fact, we created these classes to teach people who know zero about cooking and also to respond to foodies who want to learn more about plant based cooking and how to sex up a boring old stew," adds Lopez.

Some soups take just minutes to prepare, the teachers add. And they're perfect for stocking the fridge for easy, microwaveable meals.

"We will combine concepts about cooking and nutrition as well as discuss the importance of local," Pulitzer says about the course format.

"Students will have the opportunity to walk away with a pamphlet that will both explain cooking technique and why what they are making is good for them. It will be part instructional and part hands on."

The first class (soups) runs from 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 21, at Choices Kitchen, 711 NW 27th Ave., Miami. The other two are scheduled for April 26 (Asian food) and May 31 (baked goods). Tickets are $75 each for one class or $199 for all three. Tickets can be purchased at

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