Chef Michael Jacobs Throws the Heat Cookies and Quinoa

Didn't read part one of the interview? Check it out here.

What's the most popular lunch dish?

My barbecue sloppy Joe with ground turkey. It's always a home run. [Editor's note: For some reason, even the American Airlines Arena chef used a baseball reference when speaking of the Heat. Odd.]

Don't you mean "slam dunk?"

Yeah, change that. I don't want to look stupid.

And what dish have you made that didn't make the cut?

I can't say it's a fail, but what bothers me is when I make my steak, onion, and pepper wrap and I see the guys picking out the peppers or the onions because they don't like 'em. But it's only one or two of the players.

Really? That was the only thing they didn't like?

Something that bombed at training camp this year was the quinoa ratatouille salad. The coaches and trainers were all over it. The players [didn't like it].

Quinoa is delish! But many people don't know what it is. Did you have do some adult education?

Hi guys. This is quinoa. It's the highest protein grain. I want to you try it. [Players:] "I'm not eating that!"

Is there a limit to how much these players should eat in one sitting?

Do you know how many calories a player burns? About 3,500 to 4,000 a day between practices and games.

So the answer is they can be bottomless pits.

They can eat as much as they like.

Do the guys ever get dessert?

I'll cheat and give 'em a cookie.

What does your company do when the players aren't around?

We have contracts with certain individuals. We take care of one of the Dolphin players, we also take care of some of the basketball players, and individuals and executives. We do meal provisions. We provide lunches and dinners.

How much does something like that cost?

The range is as low as $300 for only dinners for a week or as high as $1,500 for three meals a day. Most clients have five-day weeks.

Biggest challenge of your job?

My deliveries. It's killing me. I go all the way from Pinecrest to Broward.

So back to the Heat. Other considerations for the menus?

Low fat, high protein, mixed amount of carbohydrates, health-oriented, healthy proteins, low in saturated fats. And then our smoothies have protein powder, flax seeds powder and all the supplements these guys need.

Final thoughts on this year's crop of lean machines?

This year's guys are phenomenal. They're really health conscious.

Tomorrow we'll share Chef Jacobs' recipe for the D Wade BBQ breakfast wrap.

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