Chef Allen Gets A Facelift

I recently saw Chef Allen at an event and thought to myself, “Hmm, he’s getting on in years; now might be a good time for some nip-and-tuck.” Well, wouldn’t you know that he’s gone ahead and done just that. Oh, wait a minute, sorry -- I read the release wrong. It’s Chef Allen’s, the restaurant, that’s undergoing a facelift. So it is closed through July, and will re-open August 1.

Allen Susser has long been one of Miami’s most important and influential chefs, and while I’m a fan of the James Beard Award winner’s cuisine, the decor of his landmark restaurant has always struck me as being a bit dowdy (it first opened in 1986). The new space will feature a larger bar area, private wine room, and two party rooms. The menu, too, is being reworked, with a stronger focus on locally caught sustainable seafood and regional produce.

And in other Allen news, the August issue of Food & Wine Magazine talks with the Chef regarding his favorite Miami dining spots.

And, um, as for that line about needing facial work -- only kidding, chef.

-- Lee Klein

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