Charlize Theron's Favorite: Baboutie for the World Cup

Soccer fans from around the world have descended upon South Africa for the World Cup but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to make the trip.  So we set out on a quest to find what South Africans eat on game day.

The choices are varied.  Boerewors sausages, eaten on their own or as Pap and Wors; a rich and creamy combination of porridge, sausage and sauce smothered in cheese. There's Biltong, similar to beef jerky, for those who want to gnaw on a piece of meat between goals, and then there's my new favorite, Baboutie. Not only is it easy to make and tastes good, but when I read that this dish is Charlize Theron's favorite, I knew I had to try this "celebredish".

Baboutie, also spelled Bobotie, depending on where you look and whom you ask, is South Africa's national dish and definitely deserving of this title.  The combination of fragrant spiced ground meat with an egg custard-like topping is amazingly savory yet sweet. So with your Castle Lager in hand and Baboutie on your plate, your are one step closer to the action. Be it soccer or Charlize.

Later today, we'll post the recipe.

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Christina Staalstrom