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Charges Dropped in Frita Man Jean Beltran Assault Case

In a hearing yesterday, Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens dismissed charges against Frita Man owner Jean Beltran, closing the case with a "no action" disposition. Beltran was arrested April 9 after Grill Master Cafe food truck owner Raymond Delgado accused him of pulling a gun outside his home.

According to Beltran's attorney, Jorge Del Villar, the State Attorney's Office decided to drop all charges because it could not prove the case. Beltran was released from jail April 23 but had to wait until the formal hearing April 30 for the judge to close the file.

Del Villar told Short Order that even though the burden of guilt is

placed on the state to find a defendant guilty, he has ample proof of Beltran's innocence. "We have witnesses who can account for every

minute of Mr. Beltran's day. We also have a video from a neighbor that

shows Mr. Beltran's comings and goings throughout the day." Del

Villar said several people have come forward to attest that

Beltran was either with business associates or his son during the time in question.


Villar also said phone records indicate several conversations

among Beltran, accuser Raymond Delgado, and Delgado's wife the day of

Beltran's arrest that occurred around 3:45 p.m. According to the arrest

record and affidavit, Delgado claims Beltran pulled a gun on him at his home around 3 p.m.


the aggravated assault case has been dropped, Del Villar said there's still

an issue pending regarding Beltran's violation of probation, even though

no handgun was found. "He doesn't own a handgun," Del Villar said.

"He's a family man. He made a mistake once. Our main concern now is to

stop this. Mr. Beltran is at the point where he's gone so far as to ask

the court to assign him a GPS tracking monitor. He'd rather have

everyone know where he is than to go through this again."

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