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Celebrating Stoli's Wild Cherri Without the Vodka

The 944 "Art Issue" celebration took place last night at the W South Beach, and although Stoli presented the event, guests were not able to taste-test the latest flavored vodka, Wild Cherri.

The party was moved from poolside to indoors owing to rain, which didn't hinder the festivities. The décor featured large red balloons, softly lit candles, and big plush couches -- almost like a high school sweetheart dance. A DJ spun a decent mix of some relatively new jams, and a visual artist worked on a piece that resembled Marilyn Monroe with a bottle of Stoli Wild Cherri.

Though the room had a distinguishable scent of sweet cherry (delicious!), the bartender didn't deliver the latest new flavor of the Stoli family. Asked why the vodka sponsoring the event wasn't available, the bartender was just as stumped as the rest of us. Instead, she offered an array of rather ridiculously sugary cocktails, such as the Cherri Delight. The Stoli Wild Cherri bottles above the bar, unfortunately, were filled with water.

Elizabeth Costa -- senior brand manager for Stolichnaya, William Grant & Sons USA -- said, "Stoli Wild Cherri delivers a bright and juicy hit, a full, fleshy cherry taste accented with touches of red plum and a pleasing piquant tartness. Guests at the event will be able to enjoy our signature Wild Cherri cocktails such as the Stoli Cherri Delight." 

I would have rather tried the liquor alone without the zillion mint leafs and sugar. I like vodka. The sponsors of this event apparently don't.

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Carissa Chesanek
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