Celebrate Halloween with Fetus-o-Lantern Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween is right around the corner and you've got to figure out a way to one-up last year's Jack-o-Lantern. A quick look around the internet shows the usual vampires, black cats, ghosts, goblins and bad-guy  celebs and characters like Darth Vader and Justin Bieber (who is truly evil personified).

We've found a great way to truly terrorize the children in the neighborhood -- while at the same time making a statement that life begins at conception......

A Fetus-o-Lantern!

When Salty Eggs

reported that a pro-life organization was holding a competition for the

best pro-life pumpkin, we thought it was a hoax..or at least hoped it

was, but further investigation affirmed that the American Life League is, in fact, holding a pro-life pumpkin carving contest.

The ALL is a non-profit grassroots Catholic pro-life organization that believes, among other things, sex education in schools is wrong, and birth control pills are dangerous -- even deadly. But, of course, their main focus is pro-life. And what better way to promote youragenda than by turning it into a fun family activity during the celebration of a pagan holiday?

The pro-life pumpkin contest is billed as "a fun and exciting way to share with kids the importance of upholding

the dignity of a human being and the gift of life itself," by Judie

Brown, founder of the ALL.  In her statement, she goes on to say, "Every human being who steps on your porch this October 31 will

get a lot more than a handful of candy and chocolates. They'll also be

getting a message on how special every single life is from creation to


The website also includes downloadable templates featuring adorable little fetuses sucking their unborn thumbs and dreaming of a world in which they're safe from the evils of Roe v. Wade-- just in case you need ideas.

Winner of the best pro-life pumpkin gets a $100 shopping spree at the prolife.com shop. Participants are also encouraged to share their pictures on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #prolifepumpkin. Here's last year's winning pumpkin.

So far, we haven't found any pictures posted...but we'll keep looking. Hee's one upside of the contest: putting a fetus-o-lantern out on your doorstep pretty much ensures no bratty kids will be ringing your doorbell for candy....

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