Cavatelli Craze Hits Countless Miami Restaurants

Like all food trends, pasta preferences come and go, and right now cavatelli is everywhere. The pasta shape with the visible open seam -- like a long, thin hot-dog bun -- that's almost grub-like is popping up all over Miami in various sauces, cheeses, and colors.

Three years ago, we taught you how to make ricotta cavatelli from Cecconi's Chef Sigala. Back then it was rare and unusual; now it's commonplace and on virtually every menu. Look out, pappardelle, ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, and that oh-so-innocent angel hair -- there's a new pasta in town.

We don't know if there was a sale on cavatelli-makers, but we do know where you can score some of the best versions of this pasta.

Macchialina Taverna Rustica

Upgrade your spaghetti and meatballs to cavatelli Macchialina. For $22, you can get the famed pasta with baby meatballs, porchetta, and pecorino. Can't get enough of this dish? Here are some pasta-making tips from the experts.

Casa Tua

For a version in the most romantic of settings, try Casa Tua. They have a ricotta cavatelli with tomato and basil. We can't promise that you can recreate that classic Lady & The Tramp moment, but the kiss will definitely come quicker.

MC Kitchen

Did you ever hear that stupid piece of advice that your first Ferrari needs to be Ferrari red? Well, your first bowl of cavatelli should be Dena Marino's in red sauce. The parmigiano reggiano cavatelli with vine ripened tomato sauce ($17) is not to be missed.

Salumeria 104

For a creamy and meat bursting out of the casing cavatelli, try the one at Salumeria 104 in Midtown. Their house-made ricotta pasta ($15) has sausage, roasted mushroom and even more cheese in a taleggio fondue sauce.

Tongue & Cheek

Right now, Tongue & Cheek is all about a carrot cavatelli with cauliflower, sour cherries, pistachio, brown butter...and Jamie, we are going to let you finish but that green pea shoot cavatelli you did for a Kitchen Collab dinner was the best cavatelli of all time. For real. And good news, the pea shoot cavatelli is coming back in October for the fall menu at the Cheek!

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