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Catching Up: Hello Eater Miami, Vidal at Soleá, and Beaujolais; Goodbye Bancroft

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Eater Greeter
While I was away, Lesley Abravanel and Eater Miami gracefully traipsed into our incestuous little food blog world. So far it has been an interesting and visually arresting blog, a bit of original snark sandwiched between the sort of local linking that South Florida Menu Pages Blog used to do. South Florida Menu Pages Blog of course closed down some time ago due to a stupifyingly poor name. Eater Miami is a lot catchier, and allow me to be the last to welcome it and Ms. Abravanel to the food fray.

In related news...
I am Miami's new gossip queen.

Bancroft Pfft, Hot Tuna Tuned Out
Short Order was the first to note that things at Bancroft Club were "discombobulated". Now Bancroft is kaput. So is Hot Tuna on Washington Avenue.

Pending Death Watch For Odious Concepts
Along with Bancroft and Hot Tuna, recent times have seen the closure on South Beach of Ahnvee Restaurant & Lounge, Apple Restaurant & Lounge, and Hed Kandi Lounge. This may very well be a sign that the odious concept of restaurant/lounge is dying. Well, either that or the odious concept of South Beach is dying.

Mina On Meth!!! Or Not
Bourbon Steak Miami's executive chef Michael Mina is featured on the cover of November's Wine Spectator magazine. Inside you can read about Mina's culinary concepts, how he got his start, Bourbon's acclaimed wine program, his partnership with tennis star Andre Agassi, and how they held contests to see who could eat the most truffled fries while high on crystal meth. OK, just kidding about that last part, although Agassi is his partner.

Now Gilligan, about those menus at Mr. Chow...
Marc Vidal went from Por Fin to being new executive chef at Soleá in the W South Beach. We were wowed with Vidal's work at the former spot, and look forward to seeing his soulful touch at Soleá (the new menu debuts next week). Michael Gilligan has been promoted to executive chef for the W hotel.

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, & Fruity French Wine?
This year's theme for the marketing of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau is Rootstock: Peace, Love, Beaujolais Nouveau. A private, media-attended uncorking ceremony will take place, as is tradition, on the third Thursday of the month -- which is this Thursday, November 19th. Au Pied de Cochon is hosting the festivities and luncheon, with winemaker Stephane Queralt in attendance. And in the spirit of Wood -- er, Rootstock Nation, Georges Duboeuf and W.J. Deutsch & Sons will partner with Feeding South Florida (formerly Daily Bread) for a week-long food drive starting Thursday and running through the 25th.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.